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Information Technology
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AWS Cloud Computing Training

Gain valuable cloud computing skills to take your career to the next level. 
Expanding your AWS cloud skills with professionally tailored, high-impact training will equip you with emerging skill sets needed to advance your career. Whether you’re searching for basic AWS cloud training or if you’re interested in going deep into advanced AWS topics like serverless and machine learning, MASCloud Solutions has you covered. 
Our online courses are designed to prepare you for the ever-evolving, fast-moving world of cloud computing.
Led by seasoned cloud pros who bring deep experience to cloud concepts and technologies—combined with engaging delivery and hands-on experiences—our cloud computing training workshops are designed to help you retain information better and swiftly advance your skillset. 
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Why learn with MASCloud Solutions?

Individuals and teams learn best by doing. 

At MASCloud Solutions, our courses aren’t simply an endless series of video lessons: our instructional design team weaves hands-on learning throughout with interactive labs that put you in the cloud driver’s seat in real, live AWS environments. 

This hands-on approach reinforces key concepts, helps you retain information better, and gives teams valuable experience building and breaking things in the cloud, so they’re better equipped to transfer newly acquired skills in the work environment. 

Hands-On Learning
95% of participants report retaining more through hands-on engagement

Elevated Job Performance
93% of our learners report elevated job performance

Career Advancement
94% of our learners say our content and tools directly helped in their careers


 Cloud Concepts 

•   Cloud Computing
• Cloud deployment and service models
• AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
• AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations
•   AWS Services
•   AWS Management Console

 IAM Identity & Access Management

  • What is IAM? User, group, role, and policy?

  • Set Up environment

  • AWS Managed and Customer Managed Policies

  • IAM Policy Evaluation Logic

  • IAM Instance Profiles

  • IAM Identity Providers (Okta, SAML) and Federation

  • IAM Best Practices

Automation(CICD) & Deployment

  • DevOps Tool and Continuous Integration/Deployment (CICD)

  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaC): AWS CloudFormation

  • Stacks and StackSets Create CloudFormation Stack

  • Overview of AWS CloudFormation

  • Stacks and StackSets

  • Create CloudFormation Stack  

  • Create Elastic Beanstalk Environments

Monitoring, Logging  Auditing

  • Amazon CloudWatch Overview

  • Amazon CloudWatch Logs

  • Amazon CloudWatch Events

  • Amazon CloudTrail Overview

  • Amazon CloudTrail Console Walkthrough

  • AWS Config

Security, and Compliance

  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

  • AWS Gurd Duty

  • AWS Security Hub

  • AWS CloudHSM

  • AWS WAF & Shield

  • AWS Organizations

  • Service control Policy

  • AWS Control tower

  • AWS Single Sign-on

  • AWS Directory Service


  • Create AWS Fargate Cluster using the Console

  • Create Amazon ECS Cluster and Task using the ECS CLI

  • Manually Scaling a Cluster

  • Amazon ECS Cluster with Multiple Services and ALB

  • Scale Amazon ECS Service with Auto Scaling

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