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About Us

Computer Repair


To build in-demand cloud computing skills and deliver world-class IT consulting to our clients. 


To inspire professional growth across the IT profession through robust IT training programs. 
To stimulate business growth and development through customized IT solutions and services. 

Software Programmer


We’re passionate about technology.

 We’re passionate about business.

 And we’re passionate about you.

Our training participants and business customers praise MASCloud Solutions because we remain in close contact with each client to ensure your ongoing success. 

Delivering expert guidance and training, we strive to power innovation at the individual and company level. 

As a recognized training provider harnessing the knowledge of dozens of IT professionals, MASCloud Solutions has designed cloud training programs that produce the highest caliber of IT professionals with cutting-edge skills second to none. 

As a business consultant, MASCloud Solutions expands the capacity of our clients while reducing unnecessary overhead costs, high investments, and long-term commitments that drain profitability. Our IT strategy consults maintain flexibility, embrace agility, and devise innovative ideas and solutions that keep pace with rapidly changing market demands and catapult businesses to the next level of growth. 

As your strategic IT business partner, our focus is ensuring your ongoing business success. 

Our Promise to You

  • Stay passionate about the customer journey

  • Deliver on customer promises

  • Sustain the highest ethical standards

  • Treat all individuals with fairness

  • Remain 100% accountable

  • Champion diversity and inclusion

  • Work efficiently with an agile state of mind

  • Focus on data and results

  • Build and sustain a learning culture

  • Never compromise quality

Software Programmer


 Cloud Concepts 

•    Cloud Computing
•    Cloud deployment and service models
•    AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
•    AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations
•    AWS Services
•    AWS Management Console

 IAM (Identity and Access Management)

  • What is IAM? User, group, role, and policy?

  • Set Up environment

  • AWS Managed and Customer Managed Policies

  • IAM Policy Evaluation Logic

  • IAM Instance Profiles

  • IAM Identity Providers (Okta, SAML) and Federation

  • IAM Best Practices

Automation (CICD) and Deployment

  • DevOps Tool and Continuous Integration/Deployment (CICD)

  • Infrastructure as a Code (IaC): AWS CloudFormation

  • Stacks and StackSets Create CloudFormation Stack

  • Overview of AWS CloudFormation

  • Stacks and StackSets

  • Create CloudFormation Stack  

  • Create Elastic Beanstalk Environments

Monitoring, Logging and Auditing

  • Amazon CloudWatch Overview

  • Amazon CloudWatch Logs

  • Amazon CloudWatch Events

  • Amazon CloudTrail Overview

  • Amazon CloudTrail Console Walkthrough

  • AWS Config

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